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Machine learning for your business data

The PrimingCloud offers an easy way to analyze, understand and use process and machine data for the business. Techologies from the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things enable us to provide a deep insight into assets and processes, and to predict states and events before they occur.

Artificial Intelligence

Make use of our integrated, AI driven analysis and deep learning functionalities to create a uniquely deep understanding of your business data. learn more

Internet of Things

Our IOT integration technology enables us to record, analyze, and interpret your business data from various and large amounts of devices.learn more

EBC Platform

The pace of digital change accelerates and more than ever the business environment is fast moving and volatile, we are seeing the emergence of a new model - an enterprise business capability platform.learn more

Get insight into your processes with deep learning.

Getting a meaning out of data is not trivial. AI based learning helps to interpret the data correctly and to funnel it into meaningful information.

Data interpretation

We help you to extract and to understand the information in your data that are really relevant for your business.

Predictive forecasting

Get to know the correct bits in your data that enable a proper forecasting. From logistics to maintenance - get relevant information in advance.

PrimingCloud Portal

Integrate your systems to derive meaningful information

With our inbound and inbound integration nearly every system can be integrated at both ends.

Our scripting engine as well as customizable dashboards help you to shape the processing, visualization, and back integration to your individual needs.

Inbound and Outbound Integration

Powerful scripting engine

Customizable UI

PrimingCloud Portal


Machine learning for your business data.